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How to be real on social media

We've all heard everyone tell us, "Just be yourself!" But, what does that really mean when building a personal brand? Branding expert Caitlin Penny, CEO of Copper Theory Creative, and Social Media Marketing expert Megan Coghlan, Owner of Backcourt Marketing, will show you how to tap into what you're good at and utilize your personality on social media. We'll provide you with an exercise to discover your personal brand and at least 10 social media post ideas you can take with you (that don't involve being on camera!)

Meet Your Presenters

Caitlin Penny, CEO

Branding expert and graphic designer Caitlin Penny is changing the world by design. As the CEO and brand expert of Copper Theory Creative, Caitlin creates professional designs that give entrepreneurs and business owners a powerful first impression with their target audience. By helping her clients amplify their brands, Caitlin plays a key role in helping them achieve their goals, fulfill their missions, and ultimately change the world in their own way.

Copper Theory Creative is a full-service brand and design agency offering solutions to optimize your online presence. In addition to branding and graphic design, they now offer copywriting/messaging, social media, and web development as well as print services.

Because she has a deep understanding of what a small business needs to be successful, Caitlin sees the opportunity to help each business improve their brand. She enjoys working with clients who are ready to take their business to the next level of success with professional design. Copper Theory Creative specializes in developing personal brands for business owners who sit in a saturated market, so finding a way to stand out is a must.

Logo design is one of the most difficult areas to build a business as a graphic designer. However, one of the things that sets Caitlin apart from other designers is that before she begins the design process, she conducts a thorough on-boarding interview for each new client. Using a customized questionnaire and one-on-one interviews, Caitlin gets to know each client on a personal level, including their target market, why their started their business, and their dream for what they want to achieve.

Caitlin has recently been awarded the “Young Professional of the Year” award from NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners ), and has been featured in Shout Out Arizona, United Colors of Design magazine and CanvasRebel. She is also the newly appointed Commissioner of the Arts in the city of Chandler.

Megan Coghlan, Founder

A high-quality social media presence does not come from a bot, or an automated system. It comes from creative minds that understand your brand and empathize with your customers.

We don’t believe in posting to social media just because. We believe in the power of resonating with your target audience and using customized strategies that help your business reach its goals. Like the backcourt on a basketball team, we exist to assist you, defend your brand, and help you score.